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Cleopatra Abdou


Ph.D., Social and Health Psychology and Quantitative Psychology/Statistics, UCLA, 2008
B.A., Psychology and Art, University of Miami

Current Projects with Burgard:

Social conditions, cumulative advantage and disadvantage, body composition, and health outcomes:

In preparation   Abdou, Cleopatra, Sarah A. Burgard, and Emily J. Nicklett. “Sociocultural Determinants of Mental Health in Asian and Latino Immigrants: The Roles of Socioeconomic Mobility, Acculturation and Discrimination.”

Research interests:

The goal of Dr. Abdou’s research is to advance understanding of the non-material things that enable people of all backgrounds to be healthy, happy, and successful. Two specific and interrelated goals of her research are to better understand determinants and moderators of minority health and to develop minority positive psychology as a formal research area. She draws upon multiple disciplines and utilizes diverse methods, including community-based participatory research (both quantitative and qualitative), laboratory and web-based experiments, and secondary analysis of large epidemiological/sociopolitical datasets.

Special attention is given in Dr. Abdou’s research to cultural and social influences on health and health-related decisions. Outcomes central to her research include reproductive/sexual and intergenerational health parameters that are sensitive to the psychological and physiological stress of minority status, including pregnancy and birth. As part of her empirical research, Dr. Abdou also examines broader theoretical and measurement issues surrounding conceptual and operational distinctions between the constructs of culture and several social identities, including nationality, race, ethnicity, and social status; particularly as they relate to the experiences of African, Latino, and, more recently, Arab origin groups.


University of Southern California

Assistant Professor, Davis School of Gerontology

University of Michigan

Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholar, Center for Social Epidemiology and Population Health, University of Michigan, 2008–2010

Contact Information:

phone: 734.615.9538  |

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