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Jennie E. Brand


Ph.D., Sociology, University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2004
B.A., Sociology and Philosophy, University of California – San Diego, 1997

Current Projects with Burgard:

Health and social outcomes of employment insecurity:

2009   Burgard, Sarah A., Jennie E. Brand and James S. House. “Perceived Job Insecurity and Worker Health in the United States.” Social Science and Medicine 69(5): 777-785.
2008   Brand, Jennie E. and Sarah A. Burgard. “Job Displacement and Social Participation: Findings across the Life Course of a Cohort of Joiners.” Social Forces (1): 211-242.
2007   Burgard, Sarah A., Jennie E. Brand, and James S. House. “Toward a Better Estimation of the Effect of Job Loss on Health.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 48(4): 369-384.

Research interests:

Dr. Brand studies social inequality and its implications for various outcomes that indicate life chances. She is principally interested in the life trajectories of socioeconomically disadvantaged populations. Dr. Brand’s research agenda encompasses three main areas: (1) access to and the impact of higher education; (2) the socioeconomic and social-psychological consequences of job displacement; and (3) causal inference and the application and innovation of quantitative methods for panel data, applied to her substantive research.


UCLA – Los Angeles

Associate Director of the California Center for Population Research, 2011-present

University of California – Los Angeles

Assistant Professor of sociology, 2007–2010
Associate Professor of Sociology, 2010-present

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Public Policy, 2006–2007
Post-Doctoral Scholar, Carolina Population Center, 2006–2007

University of Michigan

Health & Society Scholar, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2004–2006

Contact Information:

phone: 734.615.9538  |

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