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For Workers at Closing Plant, Ordeal Included Heart Attacks
New York Times 25 February 2010

Immigrant Downward Mobility and Depression
Reuters 23 September 2009
Job Insecurity & Health
Psychology Today blog 7 May 2010
HSS Health Beat 19 October 2009
Huffington Post 11 October 2009
Fear of Job Loss May Be Worse than Loss Itself: Health Day 3 September 2009     
Reuters 31 August 2009
Time Wellness Blog 28 August 2009
Live Science Blog 28 August 2009

Pink Slips and Poor Health
Miller-McCune 29 June 2009

Is your Job Killing You?
U.S. News and World Report online 20 February 2009
Coping Skills and Horrible Imaginings
More on perceived job insecurity and health as the recession deepens...
New York Times 3 January 2009
Radio interview on Rock102 (Mass.)

Job Loss and Declining Social Participation
A paper lead authored by Jennie Brand received some attention around Labor Day 2008
Eurekalert full press release
Calgary Herald: Layoffs may lead to social withdrawal: study
Business Week: A Layoff's Ripple Effect
USA Today: Join the Jobless Club
Yahoo: People who lose jobs become hermits

Job Woes, Health Blues
Newsweek article featuring our work and others: 12 August 2008 
Providence Journal article: 17 December 2008

Work Hassles Hamper Sleep
Some attention for a paper with Jennifer Ailshire on working conditions and sleep, presented at the PAA meetings in April 2008.
USA Today Health Blog
University of Michigan Press Release

Job Loss and Health
A press release and vodcast about job loss and health, and nonstandard work, was disseminated when the HSB article appeared in December 2007.
University of Michigan Press Release & Vodcast: 20 December 2007
eMaxHealth posting
PsychCentral posting

Gender Differences in Sleep Interruptions
New York Times Motherlode Blog
Washington Post
Time Magazine Healthland Blog
University of Michigan video – Women, Men and Sleep

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