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Minyoung Kwak @

Minyoung Kwak


Ph.D., Sociology and Social Work, University of Michigan, 2013
M.A., Social Welfare, Seoul National University, South Korea, 2007
B.A., Social Welfare, Seoul National University, South Korea, 2004

Current Projects with Burgard:

Professor Burgard serves as co-chair of Minyoung's dissertation committee.

Research interests:

Minyoung’s research interests lie in an intersection among disability, gender, and aging. Minyoung has a particular interest in how informal caregiving systems, such as family members, are organized as reciprocal or conflicting relations, how men and women experience caregiving for a family member with chronic disease or disabilities differently, and how mutual interactions between caregivers and care recipients affect caregiving experiences.

Contact Information:

phone: 734.615.9538  |

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